A story is a way for a writer to make sense of his or her world. It can be the result of a slow, contemplative self examination or come screaming right out of last night’s fever dream. It’s a devilish creature made of fact and fiction, a living, breathing, thing that can change its appearance depending on the angle you view it from, whether that be from two meters to the left, 6 months into the future, or 600 years into the past. Writers lay their lifeblood out on the page and leave a trail for the reader to follow. If it’s a good story, the truth of it will be found at its heart. It may lay tantalizingly naked in front of you one minute then slither away the next, or even resonate with you months later. If everything aligns correctly, the reader and the writer will meet at the end of the story, both a little more enriched. Hope to see you there.

THE JUDAS ROBE - Published Fall of 2020 by Moonshine Cove

CRYSTAL VISION - Published summer of 2020 by Deer Hawk Publications

OCTOBER 32 - Published 2015 by Deer Hawk Publications

 PERVERSE - Published 2012 by Itoh Press


TODAY I AM A MAN - Published 2010 by Savant Books and Publishers


CANADIAN VOICES - Volume 2 (anthology) published by Bookland


CANADIAN VOICES - Volume 1 (anthology) published by Bookland





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