When all else fails, summon a demon.

Scotland, 1350 The Great Plague ravages the countryside and nobody is immune. In its wake, a beautiful young noblewoman is laid to rest on a funeral pyre. As the fire is lit, a bargain is struck with a demon and the young woman lives again. But when it comes time to fulfill the bargain, the volunteer is nowhere to be found.  

But give the demon his due or there’ll be Hell to pay.

Fast forward to America, 2015 Fourteen-year-old Jeremy McKee is obsessed. Every day of his summer vacation is spent downtown at the Ages Olde Work Shoppe where he and his friends create  stories and populate them with fantasy-like characters. He doesn’t know why he’s drawn to the woman who owns it, but destiny has its own designs. The demon has come to collect, and this time it’s not just for the soul that was promised. With the assistance of the sorcerer, Jeremy’s family and friends must save the woman from the malignant spirit and his plan to unleash Hell on earth.  

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