Spain, 1478

At the height of the Spanish Inquisition a ruthless inquisitor by the name of Bishop Promane tortures a fellow priest, Father Sanchez, for information about the whereabouts of a relic known as The Judas Robe which is rumored to be the singlepiece of physical evidence of God. Promane succeeds in recovering the robe only to lose it to Sanchez’s rescuers, knights of The Order Of Christ.

America, Present Day:

A pre-med student, Joel Gardiner, is attacked one night by religious zealots after leaving a campus pub. A young woman named Sophia saves Joel and reveals that he is descended from of the Order Of Christ who has kept The Judas Robe in their possession for centuries. The zealots now seek the robe to begin a new world order. Joel and Sophia embark on a quest to verify the existence of the relic while trying to elude the cabal of murderous extremists.    

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